The VIS Package

3 Week Challenge

In this package we aim to have you online within three weeks of agreeing to work with us and the initial fee is paid.

Vis Package has 5 key parts that we do to get you online or update your image

1. The website the technical structure

Worry and hassle free – managed subscription WordPress website including hosting, domain names and email – with no hidden costs.  Proactively maintained each month with daily versioning control backups ensures the resilience of your online presence.  If your website breaks or is attacked we repair at no extra cost including if the damage is such that a backup recovery to the most recent ‘clean’ version is required.

2. Theming of the website

This is where we theme the website to your company’s identified goals and needs while respecting your identified the target clients expectations

3. Content

We write the content for you that is targeted to your identified potential customer and in alignment of what you want to achieve and say

Going forward if you some additional or updated content inserted we will insert it for you while conducting the website’s monthly maintenance; a fair use policy does apply. 


4. SEO

An Initial – one off – basic Search Engine Optimisation is conducted on the website; along with setting up Google Analytics and Google My Business (getting your business on Google Maps).

5. E-Marketing Set Up

We will set up a newsletter and business Facebook page or update you current newsletter template or Business Facebook page to be reflective of your online professional image, you then have the choice to use activate or not but it is available at any time. 

Investment Required 


The investment required for the VIS 3 week challenge package is

$1000.00 plus GST initial deposit to get things started

Then $299.00 plus GST for the first 18 months

Then $199.00 plus GST for the last 18 months


We can meet this challenge if you supply the requested information
in a timely manner.


During that time if we believe that there have been either digital or technological advancement or enhancement that will be advantageous to your business or website we will add them complementary upon your approval in our monthly maintenance programme.

Add-on Extras

Sometimes you may require additional products or services that are not included in the VIS Package and these are purchased at time of initial set up in a standalone free

  • A customised Logo and Brand Package from $500 plus GST
  • Virtual Tours, each virtual tour is priced from $ 350 plus GST and 7 tours or more is priced from $325.00 plus GST
  • Translation services price on application

We do have SEO bolt on support packages once your website is live, we strongly recommend you start considering these once the website has been bedded down for several months and we have the initial tracking data, it pays to acknowledge this is an initial foundation package a starting point which you pick and choose additional website and marketing support when your believe it is appropriate for both your businesses and its resources.